Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Practical Transurfing - 78 day challenge, Day 71

Poliarization of Comparisson


Comparing yourself to the others will result in inferiority complex, if you lower your merits. At the same time the superiority complex will be created if you overestimate them. Both of those are ugly. Become aware that you are forced to compare yourself to a certain standard by the Pendulums, which prefer all of us to walk in the ranks. Turn your 'disparity to standards' into self-sufficiency. Make it a rule for yourself to be different to the others. Break the rule of Pendulums: 'Do as I do, be as I am'. Always allow the Rule of Transurfing to be in place: 'Allow others to be themselves, and yourself be yourself. When you stop walking in the ranks to follow your way, others will follow you too.


Do not think that others care about your merits or deficiencies in the same way as you. In reality everyone really cares about oneself, so you can leave that titanic work (i.e. hiding or showing off those). Created need of being 'cool' forces you to copy other 'cool guys'.
If you copy a scenario of somebody else it will only be a parody. Everyone has got his own scenario. Just choosing your own credo and living up to it will be enough. For example, to become a leader in any group you will need to live up to your credo. A leader has become a leader just because he made himself free of the duties to consult with others of how to behave. He doesn’t need to copy anyone, he just had evaluated himself above standard and he knows what to do and doesn’t need to proof anything to anyone. As soon as you evaluate yourself advantageously, all around you will agree to this.

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