Tuesday, November 10, 2015

REAL miracles of Reality Transurfing 1.

Hi everyone,

My name is Angelika and I am a Reality Transurfing Blogger. 

With these series of posts I would like to find and materialize the images of the Transurfing concept in the Dual Reality Mirror. Even if it will be only a leg of an elephant, but still I can say it is real from my point of view. This is my objective, to find any image and post my interpretation of that here. I am doing this only for the sake of own self. 

So, today is the first day of these series and I want to write about a miracle of Transurfing manifestation I have come across, well, today and one more time few days ago. If this happened twice, I need to pay attention to it, right? 

The miracle is called Essena O'Neill )) The girl with an actual name and she is alive (that means she exists in this world). I do not know if many of you knew her even existing until she broke thorough with the accusation of how “Matrix” (the “System”)* controls people energy via social media. Hey, I do not think she had read V. Zeland’s Reality Transurfing books, but she uses all the correct words. Though she had read few other books and she mentions them in the video. She really looks like she has awakened (in terms of how Transurfing interprets the awakening). Even her website is named: LETS BE GAME CHANGERS, come on, how is that, how more close to Reality Transurfing this could be?! And obviously, she had been one of the Pendulum Favourites of the Social Media before. Now she had turned around and started to walk her own Path. I wish I could observe what happens from now (I will try). Will another Pendulum makes her a Favourite, or will she lose it all? Judging from the resonance she is getting on the media right now, the Pendulum had no other choice if only to make her a new Favourite.

If you are unaware what happened and do not want to watch her great inspiring video. I will briefly explain: Essena O'Neill deleted her presence on some well-known social media platforms, where she had huge number of followers, claiming that this is not real life and all of it is fake. And that she was paid to promote some stuff (placement advertising or similar). Because people do not see anything rather that pictures (images), which are usually photo-shopped or otherwise not real life images. And anyone can say anything their brain can come up with to millions of followers, creating stories etc., all of which indeed is not a real life. (in this sentence the real is what you see beside your gadget screen). Lots of people (especially young, are already connected to the social media, and I mean not only literally connected, but with a hook in their brain and they do not even realise this). 

Well done for Essena O'Neill for being so brave to stand up against the system, I wish her all of the best in what she is going to do now, and I really hope she succeeds. As for me, this shows me a great material proof of that Reality Transurfing and all what Mr Vadim Zeland speaks about in his books and his videos is REAL! 

Thanks, Essena, for being my Transurfing Reality Miracle #1!


 *“Matrix” (the “System”) both V.Zeland and E.O'Neill sound similar with the meaning of these concepts.

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